Disability Support Transport

At Drivision, we understand the complexities people with disabilities face in using public transport and realise there are people that don't need a support worker to attend appointments.

On Time Pickup

We understand that getting you to your appointment on time is important. Our drivers will aim to be at your pickup point 5 minutes prior to your requested time.


Your comfort is paramount. All of our drivers are trained to assist you in however you need. We will stow walking aids as required and set them back up at your destination.
All drivers have been police checked and hold the appropriate public driver accreditation.
ACT Drivers all hold Working With Vulnerable People accreditation


To make this process easy, we have several options available to clients;
* Mobile app,
* online via the website,
* email, or
We can even accomodate regular bookings so you don't have to be worried obout missing your regular appointments
(just advise us if your have a change of cancellation)


This service is suitable for those who are able bodied and are independently pedestrian or have smaller collapsable wheelchairs. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to look after people with large motorised wheelchairs and recommend a service provider with WAT capability.


We like to be a flexible as possible for billing for our clients. We can offer the following billing terms:
* Pay for daily service - invoiced each day of service with 7 payment terms
* Pay for weekly service - invoiced on the last day of service for the week with 7 day payment terms
We are not offering monthly accounts at this stage however this maybe something we will look at in the future.


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